The Blessed Hearth

The Blessed Hearth


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Decorating the Church and an Old Memory...

Hi everyone.. 
Happy Weekend!!... 

The pic of the church was taken a year or so ago.. 
We have snow now but not quite that much.. 
We will soon, though, no doubt.. smile...

Today we did a little decorating there for Christmas !! 

When Shonda and I were to Bangor we bought some rolls of ribbon and they came in handy today.. 
I thought I would put them on my tree but I think they look better above all of the windows.. 
Lindsay stood on the chairs and hung them, the dear girl.. 

I wonder what Terry is doing over there by the office door.. 
Probably tormenting our poor secretary by doing something mischievous.. 

Men !! They can act like wee boys, sometimes.. grin..  

Tools of the trade.. 
I always carry these three tools...

The window sills are done... 
Except for lighting the candles inside.. 

Sweet Lorraine did a little art work.. 
She wasn't happy with it but I think it is great.. 
An old window, a nativity print out from the computer and a bit of greenery... 

It hangs above this poinsettia !
I should have taken an after pic...  

Under the communion table... 
We had soup and muffins for lunch and just had a great day of fellowship while doing our little thing.... 

Then when we came home I took a few more pics of decor around here.. 

My old folk art nativity... 

My Birthday present from Shonda last year that Lorraine made.. 

Another little nativity... 
Jesus is the reason for the season !

Some vintage cups that were a Christmas gift last year.. 

I like Father Christmas or vintage Santas.. 
Not everywhere but here and there.. 

I hang these dear stockings every Christmas.. 
They were my Dad's... 
I wrote a little note and pinned it inside so that my children will know that they were Grampie's... 

Amongst the copper.. 
A wee gift from another blogger... 

Yes, I love pewter.. 
Notice the reindeer candle holders.. 
Found them at a thrift shop for five dollars each.. 
Still have to add fresh greenery but just too early yet.. 

A few homemade snowmen... 

Well, there.. 
Enough of that to bore anyone silly.. 
I haven't even began our living room yet so will be back with more hopefully by next week.. 

Are you girls doing much decorating or baking ? 
Our children mostly want gift cards so my shopping is not too strenuous these days, thank heavens.. 

I try to make each one some little homespun or baked gift as well.. 
The grandsons love fudge and such... 

We were discussing today how Christmas has become such a stressful time in the lives of most people and how we should be happy that we are celebrating the Christ of Christmas ... 
We talked about how wonderfully blessed we are and how we should try to de-stress ourselves and to take joy into our lives and spread that excitement and love to our children.. 
Christmas actually is all about love.. 
We can be excited and joyful because now we have hope... 

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. 

I loved Christmas as a child.. 
We were as poor as Job's turkey but our parents worked hard to give us a wonderful day..
 Not that we had a lot of gifts at all but I remember the lovely wrapping my Mom did with royal blue, red and green tissue papers and each present all tied up with coloured strings.. 
I can still feel the excitement in my heart as my sister and I would hold hands and come out and see a tree that was not there when we went to bed the night before .. 
Mom and Dad had worked late to put it up and decorate it with coloured lights and those precious glass ornaments..  
And the tinsel !! 
There it all was along with the smells !! 
The fir boughs, the oranges and apples, and the turkey baking in the oven..
The bowls of fruit and candy.. 
Ribbon candy and Barley Toys.. 
So much to see... So much to smell and oh wow!
It is Christmas Day!!
Remember? smile..

The smell and the lights and the tied up parcels were all just so magical!! 
I hope my children remember Christmas like that... 

And now they are all grown up but I still chose joy for our home and when they arrive on the our big family day the excitement will be here waiting for them.... 

It is my job .... 
And I love it ! 

God bless... 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas doings and an old card...

Hello there everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth today.. 
I hope you are having a great week.. 

It is kind of messy here at our house today.. 
This morning I picked out the boxes that I needed Terry to bring upstairs to start a bit of decorating.. 
I thought I might get away with doing just fresh decor but no... 
I started remembering some things I had that were a bit special and decided it would not be a normal Christmas without a few of them.. 
A vintage Christmas cat that has been around for years.. smile.. 

Several totes were hauled upstairs and a pail of trees and......

An Old Father Christmas had to be hung where he usually hangs since Shonda gave him to me and a snowman that Trevor made.. 
And an angel that was a gift from Dustin... 
|And so on... 

I decorated all day... 

The fireplace is finished, the hutch is done and the kitchen windowsill... 
There is still much to do but at least it is beginning to look a little like Christmas now... 

Yesterday, I did a spare room just in case someone stops by and found this dear old card .... 
I had bought a box of antique ones at our antique dealers (Julia's) many years ago and always string them across the window.. 
Then I look through the rest of them as they are in the drawer of the dresser.. I love old cards and such.. Do you?  
I thought you might enjoy this one as I always do... 
It is a homemade one.. 

They typed the words there on the bottom,..
They are holding a hot water bottle in their hand and have mitts on as you can see.. 
Along with scarf, earmuffs and what have you.. grin.. 

They glued some stars on it and coloured it with a coloured pencils, I think.. 
This is the inside.. 

Trying to get warm in front of the fireplace before they hit the sack, I would say.. 

Here is the verse.. 

Can you imagine?  
The Christmas of 1942.. 
And wishing them a prosperous new year of 1943... 
Peace on earth and victory.. 
Victory did come in 1945 thank the Lord.. 
What a great attitude they had during those terrible years... 
So thankful for all they did for us... 
Not only the soldiers but the families left at home to cope with the shortages and lack of everything... 

We are so blessed here in Canada .... 

I want to love the season this year.. 
To have joy and celebrate the Christ of Christmas... 
To put a little extra into the preparations and enjoy it all.. 
To look forward with hope... 

What a wonderful gift God gave to this world... 
How he loves us... 

Well, I am a bit slow compared to many people getting ready for the big day but I love the days leading up to it all.. 
Making and baking and such.. 
Even if it takes me at least 3 times as long then it did a few years ago.. 

This is a pic that Google sent me.. 

The same bedroom that I decorated yesterday.. 

Well, dear hearts this is it once again... 

Hope you are enjoying the season...

Any of you Keepers out there that read the blog and are not busy on Saturday we could use your help to decorate the church and make cookies and such... 
Please let me know if you can come.. 
At 10 am at the church on Fredericton Road.. 
Love to have you... 

Looking forward to hearing from you... 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Copper Bowl Potpourri and more..

Good Evening, my dears. 
How are you all doing? 

We had our first substantial snow fall last night.. 
Woke up to find this out on our deck this morning.. 
Pretty but not really welcomed by me.. 
What can you do, though.. 
It is Winter here in Canada and this is what we do.. 
Shovel snow..  smile.. 
More to come tonight with rain so it will no doubt be a bit messy.. 
Are you dear things all ready for Christmas?  
Not me.. 
I am never ready.. 
It just arrives and I stop.. smile.. 

One of my favourite breakfasts here.. 

Multigrain toast with mashed avocado and sliced tomatoes.. 
Do you like that.. 
I do open face and avocado is good for you.. 
That's my story anyway.. 

Making a few bough things.. 

I forgot to take a pic after it was filled in and finished but when Terry hangs it then I will take one... 

 Bought a basket of pears... 

Made another big batch of fruit salad.. 

I think I am hooked on this as it is such a refreshing treat.. 
Anytime of the day.. 
Two large containers.. 
One for the fridge and one to freeze.. 

Then I dried a tray full.. 

I glue these onto gift tags ... 
After they are dried, of course.. 
Just a bit different.. 

A pic I took this morning, too.. 

Lots of apples still on the trees.. 
Nice for the birds and the visiting deer that we have all Winter.. 

The soup junkee is coming out in me again and a day like today is meant for soup, eh? 

Mediterranean Vegetable Soup using the soup base once again.. 

Oh and this is another fresh simple Christmas decor.. 

Start with a nice bowl.. 
This one is copper.. 
Then start with some twigs, pine cones, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, fresh pine and I used some pomegranates that I dried last year.. 
Draw a heart on an orange and fill it in with cloves.. 
Or you can do a star or what have you.. 

This is on my kitchen table on top of a small red table riser that my cousin Val made for me.. 

Shonda and I took a weekend trip to Portland, Maine this past weekend.. 
Not a great pic but what can I say.. 
I am what I am.. smile.. 
Shonda always looks great.. 

This is a pic she took of us setting off.. 
She phoned me at 7:30 am and wanted to know if I would go.. 
I will call you back I told her.. 
I checked in with Terry and he said to go and so 5 minutes later I am calling her and saying I am showered and my hair is washed ... 
Almost ready to go... grin.. 
I must have known I needed to do that as soon as I woke up.. 

We had a great time.. 
Staying in nice hotels and wonderful food not to mention great shopping.. 

She said we were celebrating my birthday which is coming up soon.. 
So blessed with such wonderfully sweet children.. 

I guess this is it for tonight my friends.. 
Just a bit of this and that and not much of anything.. 
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to hear from you all.. 
So sweet of you to leave your lovely notes..

Take care, now... 

Psalm 127:3-5 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My crazy husband and a bit of crafting..

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth blog.. 
So glad you dropped by.. 

It was a rather cool day filled with rain and flurries of snow.. 
We woke up this morning to a brisk cold wind and a smatter of snow on everything.. I was filling the coffee pot and looked out my kitchen window and there were four sheets blowing out straight  and frozen.. smile.. 
Yesterday there was a bit of rain but a few periods of sun and a nice breeze so I could not resist hanging them out.. 
Then I forgot about them.. smile.. 
Oh well, they smell nice and will air dry on the racks just as well.. 
The time for the dryer is here once again but I will miss the heavenly scent of outdoors.. 

Today, I finally got a start on my simple fresh Christmas decor.. 
Dried out a pail of pine cones and wanted to make the wreath I had noticed in one of my UK Country Living magazines.. 

We had a pizza over the weekend that Terry had picked up at the store so I saved the cardboard circle it was on just for the wreath.. 
It is not very big but the spot I wanted it for is small..
On a narrow wall beside the closet door.. 

Anyway, you begin with your trusty glue gun putting a circle of cones all around the outside.. 

Just glue the tips and hold them for a bit as they seem to have a mind of their own and will move.. 
Once you have the first row then just continue making circles until the whole circle is filled in.. 

Ta Da !! 
All you need to do is put a wire through it to hang it with and you have a very simple pine cone wall piece.. 
Not really a wreath, I guess.. 

It would be nice even on your back splash under the cupboards.. 

To finish it off I used a bit of spray glue and glitter.. 

Not much but enough to give it a sheen.. 

I also did a bigger wreath for the closet door.. 

A start anyway.. A little one but at least I have a beginning..

Actually, I am very pleased to have accomplished anything as I had a tremendous scare this afternoon!!

As you know I am married to a lunatic.. 
Yes, I am sure I have mentioned that several times before if you have been reading my blog for awhile.. 
I have told you about the flagpole and the country roads and the trailer filled with roofing and so on and so on.. 

This one tops the list and hopefully will stay there as long as I live for I don't know if my poor heart could take much more.. 

Do you want to hear what I live with daily and never know what will happen next?

 You said yes, I think.. 
If not just stop reading and go to the end of the post and leave me a sweet comment telling me you will be praying for me .. grin.. 

Dustin came this morning to give Terry a hand cleaning up the yard of some things that needed put away and to get his snowblower oiled and such. 

Last week they had worked on cutting down a pine tree that I love that grows right outside our bedroom window.. 
The wind makes the most delicious sound when it is blowing through the branches of this tree and I love it !! 
Does that matter? No.. 
He must cut it down as it has hydro lines running through it and it could get as big as the old tree in St. Martins at the cottage that I am terrified is going to fall on the house.. 
Therefore, we need to cut it down before it gets higher.. 
What can a person say... right?  

Last week they went at it and cut all the branches off as high as the ladder would go.. 
A big high ladder.. 
Today.. they didn't even tell me they were going to be working on it.. 
I was hoping that since all the lower branches were already cut and the hydro wires were free that he would just leave it until perhaps next year or whenever.. 
I am working in here and doing the little craft thing and thought that a nice fresh piece of pine would look kind of nice stuck in the centre.. 
I was wondering where the guys went to..
I couldn't see them in the garage so I go to the other side of the house and look out of our bathroom window..
Lo and behold there they are.. 
Working on cutting down my tree.. 
I expect they are as the ladder is against the pine .. 
 I open the window as they are both on the ground looking up.. 
I asked what they were doing.. 
No one pays much attention and then Terry starts up the fifty foot ladder (I think it is fifty feet) with a power saw... 
Dear Lord in Heaven please keep him safe.. 

Up he goes as far as he can (as high as the ladder goes)  and then balances the saw on a limb and reaches for a safety belt.. 
Oh God, please protect him !! 

No, really I am literally praying this with my nose pressed against the window and it wide open.. 
He cuts down a few miner limbs and Dustin gathers them up while I keep watching.. 
Then he cuts a bigger one and that goes ok but gets a bit hung up.. 
Then the blank    dear man raises the power saw above his head and tries to cut down a very large thick branch.. He cuts on one side and stretches to reach the other side.. 
Even I knew that was a mistake and as I am praying in the name of Jesus the limb falls right on top of him and he falls back with the power saw running and only the belt holding him there.. 
Oh my soul !! 
Dustin is standing below and the power saw could have cut Terry's leg or landed on Dustin and that is all I saw as I go running out the bedroom and out the front door and around to the tree!!.. 

My heart is just pounding here as I write this.. 

I was never so scared in my life, I don't think.. 
When I get there he has got himself half straightened out with the branch coming down and him looking at me like ... 
Perhaps I screamed.. I don't know.. 
Let's just say that the neighborhood was wondering what in earth was going on over at the Henry's.... 
I was screeching  voicing my opinion and Dustin is muttering something to his father.. 
I was so mad!! 
Yup.. I won't pretend I wasn't!! 
I expect it was not a pretty sight! 

I came in the house and proceeded to ball my head off and in he comes.. 

Are you ok?  
Can you imagine?  
When the conversation was over he thought he might go to the farm for overnight... 
Anyway, he is still here .. 
Well, actually he went out to see our grandson play on his basketball team but he will be home soon.. 

I am getting some therapy by telling you guys all about it.. smile.. 
Now you know what I put up with.. 
I am so blessed that my hair has not curled permanently or turned white.. 
I dare not pray for patience because he is trial enough, believe me.. 
Why do I love the man so?? 
Forty-six years, girl !!

Just another day in the life of this woman.. 
God is so good!! 
And he forgives me for being so upset.. 
The tree is still standing for now.. smile.. 
Thanks for listening... 

I still made supper.. 
This is a couple of jars of fruit salad I made last week.. 
Found some fruit on sale at the store and just cut it all up.. 
Made a light syrup from sugar, water and some star anise .. 
It was delicious !! 

Thanks for listening.. 
I hope I will hear from you.. 
May God bless and keep you all till next time.. 


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